SKYMASTER® is a mast anchor system that incorporates standard Sky Climber platforms or work cages with standard Sky Climber hoists without top side rigging. Horizontal lifelines are used eliminating separate tie-off points top side.

SKYMASTER® is lighter than traditional mast climbing systems and is easily portable in the bed of a pick-up truck.  This ease of mobility means an immediate savings in transportation costs and lower erection and dismantle expenses.  Check out an example of how the SKYMASTER is used in building renovation by clicking HERE.  For examples in Tank and Silo applications, click HERE.

The system was originally developed for restoration contractors that needed suspended access without topside rigging. Almost immediately, new applications for this versatile equipment came to light. Tank painters began using the SKYMASTER® for “silo type” and “floating top” tanks. The wall tie brackets can be welded or epoxied to the tank for future repainting, making the E&D a breeze.

The system incorporates a horizontal lifeline, and therefore no topside attachment is required. Workers simply attach their lanyards directly to the horizontal line, stack the mast sections, and climb the tank. When the tank section has been stripped and painted, then the workers simply land the stage, disconnect, move one mast and base, reconnect, and start the process again.

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STARTER KIT: Part No. SM1.  Includes 1 Base, 1 Starter Mast, 1 Roll Case, and 1 Carriage

  • WALL TIE ASSEMBLY: Part No. 38000031
  • MAST TIE ASSEMBLY: Part No. 38000440
  • BASE ASSEMBLY: Part No. 38000447
  • STARTER MAST 7’8″: Part No. 38000024
  • ROLL CASE: Part No. 38000170
  • CARRIAGE: Part No. 38000421


  • Works with Sky Climber® and competitor hoists
  • Air or Electric powered
  • Sky Climber® pendant controls
  • Sky Climber® Central Control Boxx


  • 45 in (46lbs) mast sections
  • Easy interlocking masts
  • Lightweight, strong, aluminum extrusion
  • Self aligned / self guide


  • Lightweight pushup carriage
  • “Pull” release for descent
  • Safety device prevents carriage from separating from the mast
  • Slides easily on mast


  • Adjustable/sliding design for easy installation every 15-20 ft
  • Flexible / easy alignment
  • Quick connect / disconnect features “T” bat design


  • Use with a single mast work cage or double mast platform system
  • Allows access around a building or other structure
  • Allows access to buildings with slanted roofs or overhangs
  • 1500 pound load capacity for cage or platform
  • Up to 15m (50 ft) length of platform (2 mast system)
  • Up to 62m (200 ft) max height

An excellent feature of Sky Climber products is the versatility of the equipment. The workcage shown here can be used as a small “buck hoist” on built up scaffold projects, or as a material lift. With the steel base it can reach 400’ in height and has a capacity of 1000 or 2000 Ibs based on the size of the platform, hoist and rigging configuration.
*Note the fold down floor for egress

Single line workcages in either orientation can be incorporated onto the standard mast and roll case.