Bridge Inspections and Maintenance

Bridge Access in the Bronx

To sandblast and paint the underside of the bridge of one of four movable bridges in the Bronx, crews encountered a major challenge:  How to service a movable bridge while allowing traffic flow both over the bridge and under it?  The Coast Guard required that the drawbridge retain its ability to be raised and lowered every other week throughout the life of the maintenance project, and work platforms could not be attached to the lift sections of the bridge during those times.  Continually installing, uninstalling, and reinstalling traditional service platforms would simply not work for this project.

Sky Climber LLC solved the access issue for what the customer described as “a project that was going to be demanding in schedule and logistics.”  The solution included two floating platforms based on the Sky Stage Ultra (SSU) Decks, beam clamps, Central Control Boxes (CCBs) and LNX Electric Hoists.

More Bridge Access examples

Sky Climber has been providing access systems for bridges around the world for decades.  Click through the slides on the right to see some examples.