Tower Hoists


Personnel lifting on drilling rigs and platforms has traditionally been done using winches designed for material. These devices, even if modified for personnel, do not carry the extra built in safety features, and operate at extreme speeds leading to accidents and injury. Difficulty in communication between the operator & rider compounds the danger in this type of application. Rigs have been moving to man-rated systems to provide access to the blocks for daily maintenance. Sky Climber has developed the Tower Hoist to address the issues associated with inferior systems and features the most advanced technology available. click here to view our brochure
With the Sky Climber Tower Hoist, the rider controls his own ascent and descent with a wireless remote control. Hand or radio signals are no longer necessary and productivity is improved without using a second operator. The speed is regulated to 35 fpm maximum. It has a mechanical secondary safety brake should the motor brake fail, a top limit switch to prevent the rider from ascending into an upper obstruction, and mechanical controlled descent capability in case of power loss. Additionally, the machine has a very small footprint allowing it to be used in close quarters in the crown.

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