Entertainment and Advertising

Outdoor Advertising

Sky Climber’s suspended access platforms are ideal for erecting and dismantling large advertising installations.  Whether the project includes installing banners, lighting, or three-dimensional artwork, we can produce systems that safely bring crews to precise work locations like this one in Columbus, Ohio.

This 88-foot-long swing stage and LNX hoist motors allow rigging crews to quickly and efficiently remove and replace 500-pound advertising banners on the sides of this building.  Watch the brief video on the right to see how this custom stage and hoist system make banner replacement simple and safe.

Entertainment Venues

Entertainment venues are often wholly unique in their architecture and require unique access solutions during construction and maintenance.  Sky Climber’s flexible combinations of platforms, angled and adjustable corners, powered hoists, and rigging equipment make accessing these structures easy and practical.

The Adelaide Oval has been the headquarters of the South Australian Cricket Association (SACA) since 1871 and of the South Australian National Football League (SANFL) since 2014. The stadium was selected to host the Second Ashes Test on December 2nd, 2017 and a full capacity crowd of 55,000 was expected for this important cricket match. In order to provide the best show possible, all the lights in the stadium were replaced by LED floodlights with the help of Sky Climber platforms.

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