Pulp and Paper Mill solutions

Sky Climber develops special access solutions for industries with unique access needs.  Since 1955, Sky Climber has been designing and delivering platforms, hoists, and workcages to access cellulose processing vessels, and our access expertise allows us to apply solutions from other industries to continually improve efficiency and safety in Pulp and Paper maintenance processes.  Our digester access system is a great example of Sky Climber innovation that brings versatility to work platforms while increasing safety on the job.

Custom Platforms

At Sky Climber, platforms are our specialty. Our standard designs and boiler access designs are versatile and are well-suited for paper mill applications.  Our modular stage components assemble and disassemble easily and multiple hoist options means they fit almost any scenario.

When a truly custom solution is in order, our teams produce designs that safely solve complex access needs.  Regardless of the shape, size, or application, we have a platform that will work for you.  Contact us today to discuss access needs for your next industrial project.

Digester Access systems

Designed for some of the most challenging access scenarios, Sky Climber’s digester access systems and paper mill equipment solutions are the safest in the industry.

Our Digester Access system utilizes a compact air hoist to lower a fold-up work cage through the narrow throat of a digester.  Mounting the hoist above the digester means it is not in the way during an emergency – other configurations mount the hoist in the center of the platform, making rescue nearly impossible if a worker were to become incapacitated while in the tank.

Once in the digester, the platform opens at the touch of a button on the pendant control. Riders control the hoist operation at all times, and additional controls at the top of the system allow rescuers to pull the platform back to the top of the digester in rescue scenarios.

Workcages can be designed for any size vessel and hoists are available in several configurations.  Accessory packages, remote receivers, wire winders, and other components can be mounted in a variety of locations, making this system one of the most versatile in the market today.

Adjustable Gantry System

Originally designed as a silo access system, this gantry design has been modified for use in Pulp and Paper Mills.  The Adjustable Gantry System is used in scenarios where no overhead structures are available for lowering access equipment down into pressure vessels or tanks.

This design includes fixed and movable redirect sheaves, Compact 1000 Air Hoists, passive wire winders, and a wireless central control box. Combined with platforms or folding workcages, this system enables safe and reliable access to even the most challenging digesters and tanks.