False Car Systems

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False Cars provide a cost effective alternative to traditional “Scaffolding” inside a shaft. Manufactured of lightweight aluminum and sturdy steel, the False Car allows for easy handling, installation, operation and service. Users feel the well-built, stable frame under foot and appreciate the easy, fast, and safe operation. For more information on our lightweight scaffolding, click here to view our brochure .

Lightweight Scaffolding Platform Dimensions: (From) 1.8 M2 (1990×900) to 3.6 M2
(2800×1300) Dimensions adjusted to suit special applications

Rope Length: 25M (82’) to 200+M (650’)

Safety Handrails: Adjust to fit guide rail faces of 5/8 , 3/4”, 11/8” & 11/4”
Recommended Hoist: Compact 1500 (5/16” rope) or Alpha 2200 (3/8” rope)

Overspeed Safety Lock: Sky Lock III (5/16”) and Sky Lock II (3/8”)

Aluminum Scaffold Car Load Capacity: Up to 250kg (550 lbs) person and equipment

Car structure specifications meet or exceed all platform requirements in code section 1926.
Hoists meet and exceed all OSHA and ANSI requirements for man-rated lifts.
Safety and application training recommended and available.
Sky Climber® engineers are available for a simple system modification or a complete re-design to suit any special.