Power Generation access solutions

Access solutions for hydropower and storage dams, power plant cooling towers, wind turbines, and other structures used in in generating power around the world.

Power plants come in many shapes and sizes, but they all require precise maintenance to perform efficiently and profitably. Whether you are performing routine maintenance on a nuclear power plant, overhauling a hydroelectric dam system, or servicing turbines on a wind farm, Sky Climber has an easy-to-use solution for you that will minimize downtime.

Hydroelectric Dams

Our access solutions for hydroelectric dams have included systems designed for cofferdam enclosures, spillway repair, shaft access, and more.  We have standard and custom engineered options that make dam maintenance fast and easy.

Power Plants

Whether you need to access a maintenance shaft, cooling tower, or other power plant structure, Sky Climber can provide safe systems that deliver work crews to otherwise unreachable work spaces.  See some of our Power Plant solutions here.

Wind Energy

Sky Climber supports the renewable energy industry with aerial platforms and rigging systems that deliver technicians safely to every part of wind turbines for maintenance and repair.  Click the button below to see how our equipment is used in the Wind industry.