Roof and Wall Anchors

Sky Climber Roof and Wall Anchors are made in the USA to the most rigorous quality standards:

  • Our heat-forged eyes will not deform in maximum loading conditions at any angle of pull
  • Laser-cut parts fit precisely
  • All welding is by AWS-certified professional welders

Tieback Anchors for Rope Descent and Powered Platform applications.  Manufactured in our US facility by certified welders, with full engineering data packages and support by our own Staff of Professional Engineers.  Custom fabrication is available for unique projects.

  • All models are stronger than the common 5,000 lbs spec
  • Simple compliance for most municipalities
  • Stainless eyes are standard, with lower cost (but stronger) High-Strength Galvanized eyes available
  • Our large manufacturing capacity means shorter lead times on large and custom orders
  • Layout/Drafting/Testing and PE Services available in all of the US and Canada
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