SSU Boiler Platforms

The easy, fast, modular way to access those small, hard to reach places with a full-size work platform. Sky Stage Ultra Boiler Platform components fold to fit through openings as small as 18”. Stop paying high labor and erection costs for stack or system scaffolding. Use Sky Stage Ultra Boiler Platform inside boilers, digesters, silos. Two or three workers can install a 20 foot platform in about 20 minutes. Think of the savings you’ll realize using a modular system. Sky Climber offers and recommends Application and Safety training at your site. Call us for more information.



  • Folds to fit through openings as small as 18”
  • 1250 lbs load rating from 1 meter to 9m lengths
  • Transport a 30 foot platform (or larger) in the bed of your pick up truck
  • Use Boiler End gates and moveable stirrups for more versatility
  • Components unfold to provide full-size platform & performance
  • Workers set up a platform in 20 minutes
  • Adjustable hand rails add versatility and increase work surface space
  • Telescoping posts allow repositioning of hand rails
  • Available in work cages in various sizes
  • Meets or exceeds all OSHA and ANSI standards
  • UL Classified

All Sky Stage Ultra Platform decals are available in Spanish.

Part numbers and pricing are available by contacting customer service.

Welding Accessories

  • Arc Guard Kit
  • Stage Ground
  • Insulated Mats
  • Wire Winders
  • Short Insulated Thimble Assembly
  • Insulated Thimbles
  • Wire Rope Protection
  • Hoist Covers