As the brewing industry in Ohio continues to grow, related industries are busy supplying the materials used in beer production.  Grain and transportation companies busily traverse the Ohio river in Cincinnati, using barges to transport mountains of grains to beer production facilities.

Sky Climber recently supplied a grain distribution company with a barge access system which allows operators to lower workers onto unmanned barges for inspection and maintenance.  A Compact Electric Hoist was installed to control the ascent and descent of an existing workcage.  Sky Climber also provided new controls for the workcage so that the rider can control its movement in addition to the tower operator.  Check out project photos below or download a case study of a similar installation at a barge terminal in New Orleans.

Grain travels via an enclosed conveyor out to the barge tower, where an operator controls the hoist and workcage during inspections and maintenance.

In this photo you can see the hoist enclosure, the overhead boom, and wire rope leading down to a workcage.

New rider controls were installed in the work cage.

Grain is being fed into the barge in this photo.

Upriver, you can see another barge en route on the Ohio River.