To install metal panels and plaster on the exterior of vertical recesses on a three-tower complex under construction in Los Angeles, crews turned to Sky Climber to produce custom decks.

Oceanwide Plaza is a large mixed-use structure with 3 towers featuring vertical cuts or crevices on key sides.  The tallest tower reaches 52 stories, with the remaining two residential towers rising 40 stories tall.

Sky Climber developed custom platform and suspension systems that conform to the dimensions of the vertical cut on each side of the towers.

The vertical recesses on each tower provide architectural interest but posed a challenge during construction.  Crews wanted to operate two platforms in each recess at once, with one suspended above another, to speed up installation of metal panels.  However, as regulations prohibit suspending one platform over another, teams needed to build false floors halfway up each vertical cut to safely separate two platforms thus allowing them to operate at the same time.

Based on the Sky Stage Ultra Deck, the 3-meter by 2.5-meter platforms were suspended from overhead beam assemblies.  The beam assemblies included beam connecting tubes, saddles and rigging collars.  Sky Climber produced 4 of these SSU Deck systems for this project, with additional services provided by Sky Climber Access Solutions.  Photos courtesy of Harold Gidish.

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