October 4th, 2019.  Delaware, Ohio.   Sky Climber received the Suspended Access Project of the Year award for its contribution to a high-profile electronic sign project in 2018.

This award was presented to Ohio-based Sky Climber, LLC and Sky Climber Access Solutions by the Scaffold & Access Industry Association (SAIA), a non-profit trade association committed to raising the standards of safety within the scaffold and access industry.  Sky Climber, LLC designs and manufactures suspended access platforms and related equipment, including the window-washing platforms often seen on skyscrapers.  Its sister organization, Sky Climber Access Solutions, provided on-site installation, testing and training.

The project, titled “Safe Access for LED Sign Installation at 100 Peachtree” was recognized for the use of suspended access equipment that raised the overall level of safety and contributed to the successful installation of Atlanta’s first building-top digital sign.  This is the second consecutive year for Sky Climber, LLC to receive this award, with last year’s “Conowingo Dam Cofferdam Access Project” earning the title in 2018.

This year’s award for the “Safe Access for LED Sign Installation” project recognized Sky Climber’s contribution to the rebranding of an iconic tower at 100 Peachtree Street in Atlanta.  The tower’s new owners envisioned a new, massive digital sign comprised of two 174-foot (53 meter) LED panels that would cover the top floor of the building on two sides.  The LED displays allowed for dynamic messaging and branding and was completed in time to capitalize on publicity surrounding SuperBowl LIII at nearby Mercedes Benz Stadium.  Atlanta’s Super Bowl LIII attendees viewed messages on the completed display from their seats inside the stadium.

Sky Climber, LLC provided the engineering and products, including critical material lifting kits, suspended access platforms, hoists, safety line systems and roof rigging equipment necessary to maneuver the sign panels into place.  Sky Climber Access Solutions provided the on-site oversight and rigging expertise required to safely set-up and operate the equipment in order to lift and secure the signs into their final position.

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Awards were announced at SAIA’s annual convention in New Orleans on September 25th.

About Sky Climber

Sky Climber, LLC has been designing, engineering and manufacturing suspended access equipment such as hoists, rigging solutions and modular work platforms since 1955.  Based in Delaware, Ohio, Sky Climber, LLC maintains a leadership role in the engineering, development and manufacturing of superior suspended access equipment.

The Sky Climber brand represents a multi-national family of companies brought together to meet a variety of safe access needs across several business verticals.  Through its various businesses, Sky Climber delivers products and services across several work-at-height industries including renewable energy, telecommunications, aerospace, industrial and commercial.  www.skyclimber.com