This article appeared in full in the January / February 2021 issue of Scaffold and Access Magazine.  Click HERE to download a PDF copy of the article.  

The Salt Lake City International Airport is undergoing a major redevelopment, replacing three terminals and building new concourses and tunnels to more than double its current capacity.  As part of this massive project, several permanent art installations are key to showcasing “the next generation of airport design.”

An 80-foot tall escalator well sculpture titled “The Falls” uses light-sensitive dichroic glass fins and light-refracting glass rods to project colors and patterns on adjacent surfaces.  The sculpture is a visual marvel but presented challenges in terms of installation and future maintenance.  To help, Sky Climber designed a custom suspended access platform that conforms tightly to the outer profile of the artwork, allowing artists and maintenance crews to access the entire height of the piece.  When not in use, the platform tucks into the base of the column out of sight.

The platform utilized custom engineered Sky Stage Ultra platform elements, including narrow connecting frames and floors, as well as custom designed narrow 20 and 70 degree fixed corners.  It included Compact Electric Hoists, a Central Control Box (CCB) and wire winders.  Additionally, the system featured a removable dancefloor in the center of the primary platform.

The first phase of the new Salt Lake City airport is scheduled to open in September 2020.