The new Library for the University of Aix-Marseille is part of a larger redevelopment of the Saint-Charles district of Marseille.
Sky Climber was selected to design a cleaning system with monorails and davits. A Sky PI cage is suspended from the suspension systems to maintain all façades of the building. 

The Sky Climber monorails are made out of silver color (natural) anodized aluminum and are fixed to the building by RAL powder coated brackets. The Sky PI Cage easily traverses on the monorail by means of a motorized trolley.

Some parts on the monorail were not designed to suspend the cradle, but to just allow the trolley to traverse to another location. A sophisticated system of load detection and interlock was developed to ensure that the cradle must be on the ground in order for the trolley to be permitted to traverse into the no-load zone.

The high-profile rotatable davit allows the Sky PI cage to be brought back onto roof level. The jib of the davit is fitted with a trolley to enable the suspension point to be modified as required.