The Colorado Center Tower III is a 400,000-sq-ft high-rise located near downtown Denver.  This 15-story office tower was completed in 2017 but several elements of its window-washing system were incomplete.  As part of Sky Climber’s custom socket program, we developed equipment to complete the system. 

There were several challenges on this project:

  • Building features such as setbacks in the facade, varying roof levels, overhead shade structures, and differing parapet heights affected the design of the final solution
  • Three different types of davit bases had already been installed on the building, some poorly positioned or missing necessary features.
  • Safety line system on elevated event area rooftop was incomplete and not OSHA-compliant.

To make this system functional and compliant, Sky Climber provided a solution that included detailed engineering assistance and custom manufactured equipment. 

  • We visited the site, conducted a survey on previously installed equipment, and used our proprietary socket measurement fixture to measure existing bases.
  • Then, sockets were designed to fit the existing bases and masts of varying heights were made to accommodate the different roof sections and their height limitations.
  • Then we developed a Horizontal Life Line concept for the areas of the roof without parapet walls, where workers are required to be tied-off at all times.

Colorado Office Tower III

Existing davit bases and anchorages

Davit bases and varying parapet wall heights

Shade structure limits davit height

Event center roof, no parapet walls

Sky Climber socket measurement fixture

New Davits on existing bases

New Horizontal Life Line system

While the davit bases on this project varied widely, Sky Climber’s proprietary measurement fixture enabled our teams to develop mobile sockets that would fit every base.  This provided secure attachment points for the davit masts and arms.  For areas with tall parapet walls, additional mast sections were provided that lift the davit arms by 5.5 feet.  

The elevated event center roof lacked parapet walls and thus required Horizontal Life Line (HLL) systems to be installed.  With no parapet, workers atop this structure must always be tied to safety lines.  The HLL satisfies this requirement while allowing movement between anchor points. 

Equipment list:

  • Two 9-foot ground-launched davit assemblies with 8’6″ outreach
  • Two 2.5-foot ground-launched davit assemblies with 8’6″ outreach
  • Two additional 5’6” masts for taller parapet sections
  • Two 10”-by-10” mobile sockets
  • Two 12”-by-12” mobile socket to fit a separate set of bases
  • On ¾ ton Manual winch with hook and rope
  • One Winch bracket for mobile socket
  • Horizontal Life Line kits.

As with this project, Sky Climber’s Custom Socket Program makes it possible for many building owners to revamp or revise their existing window washing system.  The end result is a safe custom solution that is guaranteed to fit onto existing davit bases.