The Grand Canyon Skywalk, a majestic horseshoe-shaped bridge with a glass walkway extending 4000 feet out over the Grand Canyon floor, offers visitors a breathtaking and unparalleled view. With over a million visitors every year, maintenance of the Skywalk, especially its steel structure and glass walkway, is paramount for safety and the visitor experience.


The Challenge

Historically, the Skywalk management relied on in-house rope access teams or outsourced the maintenance. This method, while effective, had its set of challenges – it was time-consuming, less efficient, and costly. Moreover, workers hanging from ropes had limited access to essential maintenance tools, affecting the quality of service.


The Solution

Enter Sky Climber, the leading global manufacturer of custom suspended access systems. Our team of engineers and technical experts, led by Zach Neilsen and Mike Steele, designed a custom-engineered suspended platform and trolley solution tailored specifically for the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

Zach Neilsen, our Engineering Manager, commented, “Developing a solution for such a unique structure was both challenging and exhilarating. We focused on the clients needs, particularly the objective to use the structure’s existing track system, while elevating safety and efficiency for common work procedures. The end product is a testament to Sky Climber’s commitment to innovation.”

Mike Steele, Sky Climber’s in-house technical expert, reflected on the installation and training process, “Demoing the system on-site was crucial. Not only did it allow us to ensure everything was functioning seamlessly, but it also provided us an opportunity to train the client’s team effectively.”


The Result

With Sky Climber’s solution, the Skywalk management witnessed:

  • Enhanced efficiency in cleaning and painting.
  • Significant reduction in service costs.
  • Improved quality of service as workers could now access tools from the platform.
  • Elevated safety standards.


Project Images

For over six decades, Sky Climber has been the leading source for suspended access systems, particularly for challenging projects like the Grand Canyon Skywalk. When it comes to innovative, safe, and efficient solutions, Sky Climber is second to none.


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