In Chicago, Illinois, this corner configuration uses a standard aluminum 90-degree corner to hug the corner column of a 14-story building undergoing a full façade overhaul.

This stage was a custom platform with steel components and features two 90-degree corner units and was destined for a facility in Venezuela.

This z-shaped platform allows glazing crews to access three vertical planes of this Chicago building without re-rigging for recessed sections.

In Savannah, Georgia, Sky Climber provided a rectangular platform for accessing girder joints and cables on a ship-to-shore crane.  The platform featured a centralized hoist control and adjustable corners.

This angled platform is ideal for window washing on for wraparound window installations.

Adjustable corners allow for curved platform configurations like this swing stage used for this bay window feature.

At this hotel at LAX airport in Los Angeles, California, an SSU platform uses a 90-degree corner to access the building’s exterior.

With a variety of corner options for our platforms, you can find Sky Climber platforms wrapping around structures all around the world.  Fins, towers, columns, curtain walls and other architectural features are easy to reach with the right combination of Sky Climber platforms and corners, with fully adjustable options that are versatile and easy to use.