This roof tieback anchor is part of a complete system which sits atop a 51-story residential tower in the heart of Chicago.  The John Hancock Center can be seen in the background.

Chicago’s Trump Tower serves as a backdrop for this roof anchor.

This engineered product is designed to utilize existing equipment by retrofitting custom portable anchors to existing davit bases.  These portable anchors accompany other products to provide a complete system on the roof of this residential tower in Chicago’s River North neighborhood.

Sky Climber wall anchors serve as life-line tie-off points on the inside of the parapet at the top of this 50-plus story building on Wabash Avenue.

Roof Anchors retrofitted to existing buildings are designed and installed to provide complete perimeter access coverage from the top of this residential building near Wrigley Field.

New Sky Climber anchors replaced an array of job-made anchorages that previously required removal of the cap and threading on a custom removable anchorage point each time the system was used.  Too often, employees unfamiliar with the system would simply loop their rope over the base fixture and descend without a safe positive attachment.  The forged eyes on the new Sky Climber anchors are clearly recognizable and are easily connected to using common carabiners or shackles.  Lake Michigan can be seen in the background.

In this photo, taken atop a hospital building undergoing a complete façade makeover, a roof anchor is shown.  Workers are installing new curtain wall panels from a suspended scaffold below.  Their lifelines are attached to these anchors with blue Sky Climber Lifeline Termination Plates.

On this residential tower, rather than tying and padding ropes around I-beam dunnage with sharp edges, bolted wall anchors are permanently installed.  Attached to the web of the beam, they designate safe, tested anchor points that easily connect worker’s safety lines with shackles or carabiners.  Marina City and 330 North Wabash can be seen in the background.

On a clear summer day in Chicago a rooftop view of Chicago’s skyline yields glimpses of some of the worlds most iconic buildings.  But in between skyscrapers and flashes of Lake Michigan’s blue waters, a pattern emerges:  Sky Climber Roof and Wall Anchors.

Chicago’s construction scene is a blur of activity and Sky Climber anchors can be found throughout.  Enjoy a photo tour of installations, including some custom engineered and retrofit designs, in this slideshow.